In 2016 Department of Tourism starts new projects

In 2016 Department of Tourism starts new projects

6 January 2016

This year Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara starts new projects. Projects “Recommended by Tourism Department” “Training-Consultation Center” and “Certifying Guides” aims development of tourism sector and service improvement in the region. “Recommended by Tourism Department”

Project “Recommended by Tourism Department” aims service quality improvement, introducing international standards, promotion of safety and technical standards in the region. Participation in the project is voluntary and all stakeholders should fill the application at special web-site which will start operation from the very next week either visit Department of Tourism and Resorts until March 1. After selecting applications project member accommodation facilities and food places will pass special technical examination which is based on 21 famous principles of the world HotRec, Hot Star union. Accommodation facilities and food places revealed under the project will receive special mark “Recommended by Tourism Department” which will be some kind of guarantee of reliability and quality of a certain facilities and places.

“Training-Consultation Center”

Training-Consultation Center will be created based on tourism product development department and Tourism Department services which will provide acting employees of tourism field with trainings and food places and accommodation facilities with training –consultation services. One day training-seminars will be organized for personnel selected in advance, not less than 5 meetings per month. Trainings will be given not only by invited trainers but experienced specialists from local leading hotels and restaurants. The main purpose of Training-Consultation Center is to improve service quality in tourism industry and introducing international standards. Consultation center will organize the very first meeting on January 12.

Certification of Guides

Project “Certification of Guides” foresees the best quality and conferring special status to tourist guides in the region. For the first stage of tourism guide certification, certification of city guide, High Ajara Guide and Mtirala National Park Guide is planned. The procedure of certification of tourist guide is organized once per year – in Autumn. All interested stakeholders should fill special application/questionnaire in the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara A.R or at special web-site which will start operating from next week. All selected candidates will pass testing, interview and make demonstration excursions after which they will be certified. The project will support enhancement of importance of touristic guide and quality in tourism sector.

Special web-site of Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara A.R will start operation in the first half of January. All the information connected to new project of Department and application forms will be placed at the web-site. The Department will print quarter informational bulletins for training participants where new projects and procedures for participating will be described. Training-Consultation Center will organize first meeting on January 12 at conference hall of department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara A.R.

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