Results of the promotional campaign in Azerbaijan

Results of the promotional campaign in Azerbaijan

18 September 2015

Azerbaijan is the leader among the neighboring countries in the number of incoming tourists both within the region and the country as a whole. In 2014, the accommodation facilities of Ajara have recorded a 29% growth of Azerbaijani tourists, and according to statistics of 2015 , Azerbaijan, holds the second place, coming right after Turkey. For several years, the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara has been realizing promotional campaigns and other activities in Azerbaijan. The Department of Tourism every year participates in international tourism exhibition in Baku, where the Ajarian stand always attracts a lot of attention from visitors. From April 2 to May 31, 2015, promotional information on tourism potential of Ajara and Batumi was placed on billboards and monitors of the busiest places of Baku as well as the Baku passenger buses.

The Department of Tourism has also welcomed representatives of the leading Azerbaijani media. As a result of this visit several positive articles and TV programs have been published and broadcast in the Azerbaijani media environment. As of today, the published articles have already reached the audience of more than 13 mln. people. The Azerbaijani TV channel «ATV», being the third largest TV channel in the popularity ranking has dedicated a 41 minute story to our region.

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