Large - scale promotional actions begin in Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia

Large - scale promotional actions begin in Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia

18 December 2015

From December19-th, The Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara starts large-scale promotional campaign in Tbilisi and other big cities of Georgia. From 19-th to 24-th of December procession with branded bus will start at capital districts which will attract the attention of passers with loud New Year and Adjarian tunes. Aleksandre Zedania member of “Voice of Georgia -2015” from Batumi, will appeal the population do not miss Grand New Year events in Batumi. The bus will stop at public places from time to time where promoter girls will distribute flyers in population reflecting New Year’s events. At the end of the day the action will end by special competition that will be held at the place planned in advance. During the competition the winner will be selected which wuill be awarded by travel package fro two persons for December 31-st and January 1-st. The travel package includes travelling and accommodation in Batumi.

Promotional Action will start from tomorrow at 15:00 from Collective Farm Square and it will cover all the districts of Tbilisi. The Raffle will be held at crowded places at various districts of the city until 24-th of December.

  • December 19-th - 19:00 Raffle in Pushkin square
  • December 20-th - 19:00 Raffle at Tsereteli Garden
  • December 21-st - 19:00 Raffle at 9-th April Garden
  • December 22-th - 19:00 – Raffle at Round Garden
  • December 23-rd - 19:00 – Raffle at Bukia Garden
  • December 24 -th-19:00 – Raffle in Tchonkadze street, Vilnius Square

In parallel with Tbilisi promotional actions will be carried in Zugdidi, Kutaisi and Telavi. Procession will be organized during the action in central parts of Kutaisi through which advertising Flyers will be distributed in opulation about the events planned for New Year in Adjara. The mentioned actions will have the same end – raffles. One Batumi tour-package will be raffled per each raffle. Promotional Actions will start on December 22-nd and will end on December 25-th.


  • December 22-nd -19:00 Raffle at Central Garden


  • December 23-rd -24-th - 19:00 Raffle at Central Garden (Kutaisi Boulevard)


  • December 25-th - 19:00 Raffle at square along with Erekle Monument

In addition to actions, active promotional campaigns are carried in Tbilisi and other big cities of Georgia, which implies distribution of promotional flyers, placement of billboards and photo-banners in Tbilisi and other big cities of Georgia as well as broadcasting promotional spot at regional TV Channels (“Television of Adjara”, “Gurjaani”, “Kvemo Kartli TV”, “Trialeti”, “Ninth Wave”) to promote New Year’s Events and winter holidays in Adjara.

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