TV Channel “Моя планета” will prepare 30 minutes TV program about Ajarian cuisine

TV Channel “Моя планета” will prepare 30 minutes TV program about Ajarian cuisine

21 March 2016

Popular Russian TV Channel „Моя планета“ prepares 30 minutes TV program about Ajarian cuisine. Crew of famous TV Program “Планета вкусов” of TV channel “Моя планета” was in Batumi for three days. They have shot the process of preparing Ajarian Khatchapuri and other famous local dishes. Besides thay got acquainted with Ajara tourism potential and they will be talking about sights of the city in their film. According to the scenario of documentary film the TV anchor Anton Zaitsev will teach the rules of preparing Ajarian Khatchapuri, Borano, Sinori, Kai Maghi ad Kefal and in parallel with he will talk about the history of creating dishes and Hisotry of Ajara. He makes stands from visit cards of Batumi and visists Highlands of Ajara where he is observing the technologies of producing Ajarian wine and Tchatcha. The TV Program “Планета вкусов” is broadcasted in post soviet countries and Baltic countries and is popular among 23 millions of auditory. The TV program about Ajarian cuisine and tourism potential will be broadcasted in May.

The shooting crew of TV channel Моя планета visits Ajara in the limits of promotional campaighn. Departmnet of Toruism and Resorts of Ajara started promotioanal and marketing activities in Russian Federationf rom rcent year qwhich includes various press and info tours, as well as PR activities and online advertisements.

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