TV channel „ПЯТНИЦА» is preparing the TV program about Ajarian cuisine

TV channel „ПЯТНИЦА» is preparing the TV program about Ajarian cuisine

13 May 2016

The camera crew of the popular Russian program „Еда, я люблю тебя” is preparing 30 minute TV show about Ajarian cuisine. The famous anchors and are visiting the region together with the group. Their subject of interest became not only the dishes of the restaurants of Batumi and high mountainous Ajara but also the local dishes cooked in families such as Borano, Malakhto, Sinori, Chirbuli, Dedluri, Iakhni and Pkhali. From the TV show about Ajara, you can also get aware of what kind of delicacies and dishes of the foreign cuisine can be tasted in Batumi. The TV show will be broadcasted in July on TV ПЯТНИЦА» and the camera crew is going to leave Ajara today.

„Еда, я люблю тебя” is broadcasted in the countries of former Soviet Union via TV ПЯТНИЦА» and has millions of viewers. The anchors of the TV show are travelling around the world, tasting new dishes and suggest a sort of a culinary guidebook to their viewers. In July the viewers’ attraction will be attracted to Ajara and its varied cuisine. The camera crew is visiting the region within the PR and Marketing campaigns organized by the Department of Tourism in Russia.

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