Hungarian journalists publish articles about Ajara

Hungarian journalists publish articles about Ajara

10 June 2015

In March this year, under the organizational support of the National Tourism Administration and the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara, Georgia was visited by representatives of the Hungarian media. Hungarian tourism market has gained importance after the launch of regular flights in the direction of Kutaisi- Budapest in October 2014. Accordingly, different marketing activities were conducted in Hungary in order to promote the tourism potential of Georgia. An Information tour organized for Hungarian journalists proved to be very successful. Gradually, with the approach of summer season, promotional articles of Georgia and Ajara as its most beautiful coastal region were published in printed and electronic media. 8 leading media have mentioned Batumi in more than 10 promotional articles on their websites and magazines as one of the most beautiful cities on Black Sea coast, its sights and traditions of Ajarian cuisine and wine.

Articles, published in Hungarian media, can be found in a single format at this link.

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