Travel agencies are visiting resort “Goderdzi”

Travel agencies are visiting resort “Goderdzi”

27 December 2016

Representatives of travel agencies got introduced to tourism potential of the ski resort Goderdzi. Tourism Products Development Agency of the Department of Tourism of Ajara gave opportunity to the representatives of at about 20 travel agencies to appraise infrastructure of the resort and discuss terms of cooperation with management of resort, cottages and ropeway. Tour operators visited guest houses in the village Danisparauli. Info tour in Goderdzi Mountain was supported by Resort Development Company and management of resort Goderdzi.

Ski resort Goderdzi is distinguished for its well-equipped ski tracks with total length of 8 km. Maximal altitude of the ropeway above sea level is 2366 m. There are 7 guest houses at the resort nowadays but in 2018 two high class hotels “Alliance Resort” and “Euphoria Sky Tower” will join the existing number. Alliance Resort consisting of 100 rooms will unify swimming pool, tennis court, children’s entertainment center, bar, restaurant, recreation complex, casino, conference hall, underground and surface parking. As to the Euphoria Sky Tower with 100 rooms, it will consist of restaurant, conference hall, recreational center, swimming pool and other objects. Reconstruction of the road leading to the resort will be finished along with construction of hotels. Resort was opened at the end of the last year and is still very popular among tourists.

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