Successful PR campaigns of Tourism Department in Lithuania

Successful PR campaigns of Tourism Department in Lithuania

12 October 2016

Department of Tourism of Ajara has carried out the active PR campaigns in 10 target countries with the goal of attracting tourists in the region. Among them is Lithuania, providing growth of number of tourists by 43% during January-August of the current year (border crossing data).

Department organized various PR campaigns for promotion of tourism products and raising awareness about region in Lithuania. The most interesting among them were “Ajarian Days” held in Vilnius and Klaipeda, introducing Georgian folklore, cuisine and traditions to 4000 Lithuanians.

Successful was also the PR project of famous Lithuanian actors and TV anchors travelling in Ajara for raising the awareness about the region. The Ajarian trip of Lithuanian celebrities was positively appraised by media. At about 50 plots and articles were published on popular Lithuanian web-portals and TVs regarding tourism products of the region and their trip in Ajara.

Department also hosted representatives from 10 popular media means from Lithuania. At about 15 articles and videos were published on popular Lithuanian web-portals and magazines as a result of media tour. The total access to the materials reached 4, 5 million.

22 minute advertising program regarding Ajarian cuisine was prepared by the famous Lithuanian TV channel “TV3” with participation of Georgian Ambassador in Lithuania, Khatuna Salukvadze and the actors of the TV series „Ghvinis Gza” (Wine Route) in the master class of cooking Ajarian dishes. The goal of the TV program was promotion of Ajarian cuisine and region.

Department has also carried out online promotions on popular Lithanian web-portals, social media, Youtube and Google. 33 billboards were placed in the central streets of Vilnius within the outdoor advertising, unlike the last year version Batumi mobile sculpture was added to it. Department of Tourism of Ajara is carrying out PR campaign since 2012.

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