TV -radio reportages and articles to be prepared about Ajarian cuisine

TV -radio reportages and articles to be prepared about Ajarian cuisine

13 May 2016

The Belorussian journalists will prepare TV and radio reportages and articles concerning the varied cuisine of the region organized by the Tourism Department of Ajara. They are going to visit the region within the press tour on May 11-15 and get aware of its touristic potential. The focus will be made on Ajarian cuisine and wine during the press tour. The camera crews of the popular Belorussian TV channels ONT, CTC will visit the high mountainous Ajara together with the representatives of online and print media and get aware of cooking Ajarian dishes in families there. They will also focus on local wine, Makhuntseti Waterfall, Machakhela and Ajarian Wine House. Within the press tour the journalists will visit the sightseeing of Ajara and Botanical Garden. While being in Ajara, journalists will also shoot the preparation of Ajarian Kachapuri. They will leave the region on May 15.

As a result of the press tour the text, photo – audio materials and recipes of Ajarian and Georgian cuisine in general will be placed in special culinary guidebook on the web-site of the Department “”. The guidebook will allow tourists and site visitors to get familiarized with Georgian cuisine, plan the gastro tours in the direction of Ajara and Georgia in general.

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