Training for Private Sector Started

Training for Private Sector Started

14 December 2015

Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara organized the second phase of training for the private sector. 145 persons will be trained in the limits of the training in such directions as improving service quality and standards in food places and accommodation, operation of hotel departments, marketing and sales and modern principles for management of food places and food safety. The training mostly was attended by managers, waiters, maids, staff of reservation department and tour-operators from various food places and accommodation facilities. The training goal was to improve and enhance service quality in the region. Training took its start on December 13 at Hotel Hilton and ended On December 24. The training members will be given special certificates at the end of Training.

Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara is actively striving to improve service quality in the field of tourism. For the beginning of this year Department has already trained 155 persons employed in the field of tourism and for the end of the year this number will be increased up to 300 persons.

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