Number of “Recommended” tourist objects increased up to 62

Number of “Recommended” tourist objects increased up to 62

20 December 2016

16 new objects joined the number of tourism objects with quality mark “Recommended by Department of Tourism” in Ajara. Today Department of Tourism solemnly granted the quality mark to 5 fast food restaurants and 11 accommodations and the number of “Recommended” tourist object increased up to 62 in Ajara. “Recommended by the Department of Tourism” is an innovative project. It stands for the guarantee of security, sanitary cleaning, hygiene and technical standards in the objects involved in the project. Totally 106 hotels, restaurants and cafés have been registered during the year but 62 could meet the international criteria.

The objects involved in the project have been examined for security, sanitary cleaning, hygiene, minimal standards of service and compliance with international standards by monitoring group of the Department of Tourism. Criteria are based on the principles of world famous HotRec, Hot Star union 21. Department started project in 2016 and will be continued in next year too. Detailed information regarding criteria and recommended tourism objects is available on the web-site:

“Recommended by Department of Tourism” – 16 new objects

Restaurant “BK”

Restaurant “Bella Costa”

Restaurant “Kievlanochka”

Café “La Brioche”

Café “President”


Hotel “Sputnik”

Hotel “Black Sea Star”

Hotel “Grand Rixos Palace”

Hotel “Hotel Plaza”

Hotel “Castello Mare and Wellness Resort”

Hotel “Corner Inn”

Hotel “President”

Hotel “Sanapiro”

Hotel “Hotel 19”

Hotel “City Star”

Hotel “Euphoria”

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