Ajara through the lens of TV channel “PYATNICA”

Ajara through the lens of TV channel “PYATNICA”

4 July 2016

Tourism potential of Ajara attracted the attention of the popular TV channel “PYATNICA” once again. The region was visited by the camera crew of TV show “Zhanna Pozheny”. According to the format of TV show, Zhanna Badoeva is assisting the couples in arranging the wedding of their dream and leads them to the country they wish. Georgia, especially Ajara turned out to be the very place of arranging the nonstandard wedding for another couple. While organizing the wedding, camera crew focused on Batumi sightseeing – Botanical Garden, folklore, hotel and restaurant potential. The young couple got married in Batumi. TV show will be broadcasted in summer and will promote Ajara as the attractive tourism direction for young couples.

The camera crew of the TV channel “PYATNICA” was visiting Ajara twice current year. First they visited the region in May, while shooting the TV show “Еда, я люблю тебя”.

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