The number of tourists increased by 18, 69 % in May

The number of tourists increased by 18, 69 % in May

12 July 2016

According to the statistical data of the Department of Tourism of Ajara the number of tourists has increased by 18, 69% in May if compared with last year. Totally 44, 567 tourists have been visiting Ajara during May, among them 28 884 foreign and 15 683 domestic tourists.

As to period between January and May, the number of the incoming tourists during 5 months exceeded the result of the last year by 18, 50%, among them 79 431 foreign and 42 837 domestic tourists. The Department of the Tourism and Resorts of Ajara relies on the information provided by the accommodation objects registered in Ajara.

As to the data provided by the border, the positive tendency of increasing the number of tourists is evident in Batumi International Airport too. According to the data of two quarters (January – June) 42 268 passengers arrived by air tranportation in Ajara, exceeding the data of the last year by 74, 29%. The increased number of tourists is arriving from Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belorussia and Lithuania. In Batumi International Airport the number of Jewish and Kazakh visitors increased by 5.5 times; Belorussian visitors – by 78, 4; Russian – by 57, 56% and Lithuanian – by 13, 56% if compared with the data of the last year.

As the information of Sarpi customs checkpoints, the number of the visitors is increased by 17,82% during the first two quarters, especially from Iran and Kazakhstan. The number of the Iranian tourists crossing the border is increased by 7 times and the Kazakh ones - by 30, 43%.

“The source of the statistics of Department of Tourism are the accommodation objects registered in the region. Revision of these data takes too long time and requires the period of one month but still it is the most correct way of counting the number of the incoming tourists. According to the existing data, the number of tourists from the target countries is also increased which is the result of the joint work of us and private sector. Except the registered accommodation objects there are plenty of unregistered guest houses, increasing statistics of the incoming tourists’ number. We began surveys of the unregistered accommodation objects, also of the guest houses registered as the individuals and the results will be published at the end of the year. At the current stage we are revising the data of June and will publish till the end of the current month” – stated the Acting Chairman of the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara, Mamuka Berdzenishvili.

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