Retrainings of the ecotourism guides is going on

Retrainings of the ecotourism guides is going on

6 July 2016

The Tourism Production Development Agency of the Department of Tourism is continuing the retraining of the guides for the tourist tours of Ajara. Nowadays at about 15 trainings and info tours are taking place for the foreign language guides, they will be retrained for Matchakhela historical – cultural tour. The info tours in Matchakhela have been arranged for the participants within the training program where they got acknowledged with Mirveti bike tour and historical – cultural sightseeing of the gorge. They visited the guest houses of existing in the gorge, families with handmade items and other services. They also visited currently opened Ethnographic Museum of Kemal Turmanidze. Historians and ethnographers held the theoretical and practical trainings about Matchakhela historical – cultural tour for the guides. The data of the guides retrained by the Tourism Production Development Agency will be submitted to the travel agencies for popularization after finishing the trainings.

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