Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism

As demonstrated by the remnants of ancient monuments, as well as authentic cultural heritage, the region of Ajara is rich in both its culture and history. Ajarian dances "Khorumi" and "Ajaruli" originate from ancient times. In addition, they occupy an important place in Georgian folklore and perfectly express the Georgian identity. Ajara is also an archeological goldmine. In the 19th cent., Batumi was converted into seaport and European architects started to build the city. Numerous buildings in Batumi were constructed using different architectural styles, all of which contribute to the city's distinctive and interesting aesthetic. Additionally, Ajara-Batumi often hosts major cultural, sports and scientific events, public festivals, international musical and film festivals and so on.


  • Black Sea International Jazz Festival - July
  • Batumi International Art-House Film Festival, "BIAFF" - September
  • International Festival of Animated Films, "Tofuzi" - October
  • Batumi International Classical Music Festival, "Night Serenades" (artistic director: Liana Isakadze - August)
  • Batumi International Classical Music Festival, "Batumi Music Fest" (artistic director: Eliso Bolkvadze) - July
  • Batumi Backyard Stories
  • Batumi Street Art Festival
  • Festival "Batumoba" - September

Public Festivals:

  • Shuamtoba (August)
  • Machakhloba (September)
  • Kedeloba (October)
  • Chakvistaoba (September)
  • Selimoba (June)
  • Kolkhoba (August)
  • Autumn in Keda (October)

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