Batumi Drama Theater
Entertainment 19:00

Batumi Drama Theater

Batumi Drama Theater presents the drama according to the play by Slavomir Mrozhek,  "A Summer's Day".

The play is about two man who met while trying to commit embodies naive hope in the face of constant failure, while the other exhibits cynical ennui in the face of too much success. The two men first compete over whose life is the worst, then over the affections of a manipulative, self-interested woman who interrupts their suicide attempts to become their mutual obsession. Who will be the woman's choice?- "A summer's day" gives us the answer in the parable form to this eternal question.

Ticket price: 8 GEL
Date: May 23
Starts: 19:00
Venue: a new scene

Address: Melashvili str. No32
Phone: 0422 27 31 80 | 0422 27 42 83 | +995 577 980 858 | +995 577 980 886 | +995 555 366 399

8.00 GEL