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“National Geographic Traveler” names Batumi one of the ten best tourist destinations in Europe

“National Geographic Traveler” names Batumi one of the ten best tourist destinations in Europe

“National Geographic Traveler” inscribed Batumi in the list of the ten best tourist destinations in Europe. In the Polish publication Batumi was mentioned as the best place to spend leisure time alongside with such cities as Nice, Palermo, Amsterdam and Oxford.“Near the sun”- the article dedicated to Batumi and Ajara in general, was in the March issue of the publication.

“We know the recipe of happiness” say Georgians. This may seem exaggerated, but just one weekend spent in Batumi made me sure that it’s true”, - starts his article the journalist Buazhei Grigil, who shares his impressions about his Black sea journey.
The article which invites readers to visit Ajara has been issued in the March publication of the “National Geographic Traveler”. The author of the article names the best places to visit in Batumi, including botanical garden, boulevard, Europe square and other tourist attractions. He, as well, emphasizes mountainous Ajara and local food. Tourists can try the tastiest dishes right out here in nature. The journalist of the “National Geographic Traveler” visited Ajara at the invitation of the Ajara Tourism Department. 

“We are doing our best to publicize the articles, TV reports and programs about our region through the popular media of our target countries. Last year we hosted about 500 journalists, bloggers and tourist agents. As a result, we got more than 150 media products on the top-rated TV channels, magazines and web sites. It is important that our potential visitors get acquainted with Ajara in their countries by the articles, interesting TV reports or programs. This has been accompanied by the active marketing campaigns and as a result, we get the positive image and the growing flow of tourists in our country. Interesting articles about Ajara have been published many times, but to see Batumi being mentioned among such cities as Nice and Palermo is double the pleasure”, said the head of the Ajara Tourism Department, Sulkhan Ghlonti.