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Enjoy the sea and Ajara nature

Enjoy the sea and Ajara nature

Batumi is distinguished with diverse entertaining, tourist-cultural facilities where a number of festivals, cultural and entertaining events are organized in summer. We advise not to miss the possibility to attend fascinating show of dolphins, diverse nature of Boulevard and botanical garden and enjoy impressive city views from rope-way and night views of Gonio Fortress while being in the city or while relaxing in the sun. While visiting these places you will definitely feel charm of our city and cultural and historical diversity.

Ajara and especially Batumi is even more attractive thanks to the stunning nature at several minutes away with from the city. Here you may escape to summer hot days and city noise.

A day travel packages in the nature to highlands of Ajara will enrich your sea vacations with diverse and unforgettable nostalgia. Similar places are many in our region but I will attract your attention to several ones. 

Mtirala National Park

In case you admire hiking, zip-line, horse riding and just walking and having picnic in marvellous nature we advise to visit Mtirala National Park. Park is at 40 minutes away from Batumi and spending there your time will be a real adventure for you. Mtirala reserved territory is still haven for various species of plants and animals of Kolkheti and while walking in the paths between the trees stretched up to the sky you feel yourself part of this magnificent world.  We advise not to miss this chance to become part of this magic world even for a day. 

Mirveti tour

If you are admirer of extreme and adventures try Mirveti extreme bike tour. Route Batumi-Mirveti-Batumi is a day tour and it is absolutely sufficient for picnic, fishing and for swimming in charming waterfall of Mirveti and Ajaristskhali. Extreme route starts from Batumi Old Boulevard and continues along the villages at countryside of the city which will enable you to enjoy boulevard and sea views as well as charming landscapes and nature of Ajarian villages.  At the end of the route after passing through magic path of box-trees you will happen at Mirveti waterfall where you may enjoy swimming in pure mountainous water. 

Matchakhela Historical-cultural tour

Matchakhela Historical-cultural tour is one of the most interesting trips in Ajara. National park with the attractive and diverse nature is one of the distinguished places in the region but cultural-historical past of the gorge gives the special charm to reserved territory. Historical fortresses and bridges with their antiquity gives us information about various periods of region development. For this reason while being in the gorge we recommend visiting Matchakhela historical-ethnographic museum, Chkhutukneti Fortress and famous Matchakhela historical gun corpse monument. As for the tradition of producing gun you will get acquainted at “Noah’s workshop” by gun’s immediate producer. National Park is also best place for hiking, rafting and camping.

Wine and gastronomy tour

For those seeking new and special dishes Ajarian cuisine is a real discovery. All the municipalities of our region are proud of delicious dishes in their immediate cuisine. So if you’d like to taste the most delicious Achma and Iakhni you should visit Kobuleti villages, for Borani, Sinori and Malakhto you should visit Keda, Shuakhevi and Khulo. While tasting dishes, do not forget to taste Tsolikarui and Chkhaveri from Keda.

You may taste dishes and wine being visit card of Ajara while having wine tour in Ajara highlands. Route in Khelvachauri starts from “Ajarian Wine House” and ends with the degustation of Aladasturi, Ojaleshi, Chkhaveri, Tsolikauri made in family Marani (area for storing wine) of local farmers in villages First May and Vaio. If you are lucky and you match your vacation in highlands of Ajara to public holidays, you will witness Gandagana performed by 80 years old grandfathers and trust me these impressions will be unforgettable for you.  

And finally...

While visiting us, before you select any travel routes it is better to visit our Tourist Information Centers which are many in the city. Maps and thorough information about travel routes offered by us you will get exactly there and after this you definitely can get ready for the next adventure and such adventures are awaiting many in the magic nature of Ajara.

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