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Five-star hotel 'Colosseum Marina' opened in Batumi

Five-star hotel 'Colosseum Marina' opened in Batumi

On August 19, 2015 another five-star hotel was opened in Batumi. The official opening was attended by the Prime Minister of the country and the head of regional government.

Hotel «Colosseum Marina» has 10 floors and 101 rooms.

The hotel has indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, and conference hall for 120 people, SPA, and the largest fitness club in Batumi. By the end of the year, the hotel will also open the casino. The minimum cost of a hotel room is 80 US dollars, the maximum-180 US dollars.

Reservation sand related services are already available on The original design of the hotel attracts many tourists and is expected toboost the number of reservations.

The investor company "Mari Group" (hereinafter LTD «MARINE COLISEUM») has spent about 14 million US dollars on the construction of the «Colosseum Marina»The construction of the «Colosseum Marina» by. According to the contract between the investor and local government, "Mari Group" has started the construction of the hotel before March 1, 2013.