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Top 6 beaches in Adjara

Top 6 beaches in Adjara

Summer Adjara – the place of hedonism, relaxation and bohemian life.  In this blog you will discover the 6 best beaches on the Black sea coast.

Gonio - Kvariati – the best beaches for sunrise

At sunrise, the top of the mountain is colored yellow and the day begins with golden light. The attractiveness and charm of the place is created by the surrounding mountains and luxury summer houses, nestled in greenery.

Having enjoyed the beach leisure, you will move into the underwater world – to see the drowned ships, clam farms or to find treasure or discover a mystery.

You can go to a café, order a cocktail and enjoy the topaz colored, calm and gentle sea waves.

The nightfall is ahead, when the mountain becomes red and the sun comes up over the horizon giving off its golden glow.

Kobuleti beach– the best place for a family holiday

Take off your flip-flops, your feet should also feel the heat of the sun. Here is a mixed sand-and-gravel beach, water is clear, having a greenish blue color and the shore is surrounded by the pine forest.

Kobuleti is the best place for a family leisure. The main park of the town will provide many entertainment opportunities for your children during the whole day.

Sarpi – the best rocky beach

There is no sand here. The gravel beach is close to the frontier area and is surrounded by cliffs and rocks. They look like postindustrial remains from the distance.

On hot summer days, jumping into the sea from the height is a real pleasure.

Due to shouts and laughter while jumping into the sea, there is always a joyful atmosphere on this part of the coast.

The turquoise sea of Sarpi is the best swimming place.

The Green Cape – the green sea

The Green Cape beach is the closest to the city. It takes 15 minutes to get there. You can go there in the morning and stay until nightfall.

It is a relatively small coastline, though with best views and green surroundings, which make natural shades on the beach. The light bluish-green water, sunbath, cafes and the light side of your day – the Botanical Garden. It is subtropical paradise with century-old parks and places, from where you have especially outstanding panoramic views.

Batumi – the best beaches for entertainment and adventure lover

 Beaches full of people from morning till afternoon, music coming out of the café-bars, boat tours, wind surfing, seafood dinner- prepared at the “Batumi seaside” – it is all about Batumi beaches – a paradise for hedonists.

The so-called “Pisheviki” beach is one of the most popular swimming places. Though, under the psychedelic Batumi sky, you will find many other places with the bridges and exquisite seaside restaurants.

When everything becomes scarlet red, the boat tour is a peak of pleasure.

Tsikhisdziri – the peace therapy and sensational sunset

If you want to escape a large crowd, imagine that you are on a small, desert island. It is what Tsikhisdziri is. It’s like a secret island with hidden beaches. You can approach them through different passages, though the easiest is the central road along the hotel “Megobroba”. This passage leads to solitude and peace of mind.

Camping is also allowed here. Imagine waking up in a silence and swimming at sunrise, then Yoga in the open air.

When the beach basks in the golden sunrays, a romantic fest begins and you really do feel freedom.

These are the feelings you are going to experience on Adjara coast. Regardless of what beach you chose, believe me, the main thing you will find here is entirely different, unique emotions