It is very easy and comfortable to move in Ajara, tourists can use their own cars or rent them.

Parking regulation

After paying parking fee tourists are able to leave their cars 24/7 on the parking areas in Batumi. Parking fees can be paid at banks, fast pay machines or online. At payment moment it is important to specify car number and series.

Batumi transport infrasructure agency - t.: 0 422 21 21 89; web.:

Car rental service

Gela rent a car - m.: 0 790 56 96 02, web.:

Hertz - t.: 0 422 29 20 98, web.:

Luxury car rental - t.: 0 422 22 85 75, web.:

Sixt - web.:

Transportation by taxi

Getting around Batumi by taxi is quick and comfortable. It is the only public transport in the city available for 24 hours. Getting around the city is safer and more economic by taxi equipped with taximeter. In case you need a check or plan to pay with plastic cards, it is better you notify the operator when calling a taxi because not all the vehicles are equipped with a cash register or POS-terminals.


The average cost of 1 km is 0.90 GEL

The average call cost is 0.50 GEL

Popular destinations:

Batumi airport-City center -15 GEL

Batumi airport-Hotels Sheraton / Radisson / Hilton / Intourist Palace - 15 GEL

Batumi airport-Gonio - 20 GEL

Batumi airport-Kvariati - 20 GEL

Batumi airport-Sarpi - 25 GEL


City Taxi - m.: 574 26 71 71

Taxi 2 - m.: 577 41 97 97

Taxi 555 - m.: 577 90 59 05

Taxi 929 - m.: 599 92 99 29

Taxi plus - m.: 593 78 45 45

Public transport

Another type of public transport is so-called Yellow buses. Tickets are available in shopping centers and newsstands. The price for a ticket is 0.40 GEL.

Batumi autotransport - t.: 0 422 24 76 76; web.:

Getting around the city is also convenient by mini-taxi buses, which can be stopped in every places of the city. The price for a ticket is 0.40 GEL.


The best way to explore the city is - bicycle. According to the price and duration you can choose different packages of Batumvelo. Veloterminals are located in the coastal zone of Batumi and in the central parts of the city.

The price of a 1 day package amounts to 4 GEL

The price of a 10 day package amounts to 10 GEL

The price of a 1 year package amounts to 20 GEL

Cable car

To enjoy the spectacular views of the city you can take a cable car, which connects Batumi coastal zone to Mount Peria. The cable way is 260 meters above sea level, 2600-meter-long cable way with 8 car gondolas prices are 5 GEL for adult and 3 GEL for children.

Bus and railway stations

Other parts of Georgia can be reached from the new bus station of Batumi, located in Gogol Street №1. The railway station is located in village Makhinjauri on Tbilisi Avenue, 6 km from the city center.

Batumi new bus station - t.: 0 422 24 22 44; web.:

Makhinjauri railway station - t.: 0 422 25 03 03; web.:

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