Citizens of Ukraine may come to Georgia by air, land and sea transport.

Citizens of Ukraine can fly to Batumi airport by flight airline "Yaneyr" who still performs flights to Batumi-Kiev, once a week (260 GEL one direction). (

The office of "Yaneyr" in Batumi. Tel +995 577 450 015 / +995 555 691 134

Also, citizens of Ukraine can fly to Kutaisi airport where flights is performed 3 times per week by Ukrainian Airlines both in the direction of Kiev, and in Kharkov. The ticket price is 290 Gel in one direction (

From Tbilisi Airport daily flights to Ukraine carried out by the Ukrainian airline (ticket price in one direction - 350 Gel) and the airline "Yaneyr" the ticket price in one direction - 350 Gel. (;

Sea transport for Ukrainian citizens can arrive by ferry Batumi-Ilyichevsk, which comes in Batumi on Monday and departs on Thursdays.

LTD “UBG” Kutaisi str. #34; Tel: +995 422 274 119

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