Furtio Arched Bridge

Furtio Arched Bridge

Date: XI-XII centuries

The bridge is in the village of Furtio, near the source of the Acharistskali River. The bridge formerly connected the old roads in Skhaltistskali Gorge to the central roads passing through Acharistskali Gorge, thereby providing the shortest caravan road from Ardagani and Akhaltsikhe to the Black Sea Coast. The bridge has suffered some deterioration. The length of the main part of the bridge is 135 m; the width is 2.35 m, and the height is 2.20 m. Tedo Sakhokia provides an interesting description of the bridge, highlighting the professionalism of the builders who chose rocky soil as the foundation for the heads of the bridge. He explains how this remnant of the past is still standing today.

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