Kintrishi Protected Areas

Kintrishi Protected Areas

Kintrishi Valley lies 55 km outside of Batumi. The valley is located between the Tskhemlovani and Khino mountains at 2500 meters above sea level and comprises 13893 hectares. Mountains and gorges cover most of the territory, with some forests as well. The Kintrishi and Kheknara rivers flow here. The Caucasian Triton, an incredibly rare aquatic species that is on the Georgian "Red List", can only be found in the oval lake of "Tbikeli" in the Kintrishi Gorge. The reserve is full of many Colchis flora, such as: Eastern Beech, Chestnut, Eastern Spruce, Medvedev Birch, Black Alder, Elm, Ash, Caucasian Persimmon, Mountain Maple, Relict Rhododendron Ungernii, and many other species.

The Colchis Box Tree-Bucsus colchica-is a valuable flora species from Kolkheti. Taxus baccata-the Yew Tree-is an ancient species of the tertiary period that is on the "Red List" of Georgia. Kintrishi Protected Area is also home to a variety of fauna, including: chamois, roe, bears, jackals, wolves, lynxes, martens, badgers, squirrels and many others.

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