Kobuleti Protected Areas

Kobuleti Protected Areas

Ispani Sphagnum Peatlands

Approximately 28 km from Batumi, this protected area stretches over 770 hectares and comprises the Kobuleti Strict Nature Reserve (Ispani I) and Kobuleti Managed Nature Reserve (Ispani II). The Ispani Sphagnum Peatlands are on the RAMSAR Convention list of wetlands of international importance. They are also a habitat for many birds that migrate to the area during the winter.

Ispani Wonders - Sphagnum Dome

Ispani Wonders - Sphagnum Dome - The most pristine live sphagnum (commonly known as peat moss) peatland of the world lies less than 300 m from the coast in Ajara. The Sphagnum Dome is a seeming lake with a 25-45 cm layer of sphagnum that is never entirely submerged in water. Together with the water the peat moss creates a completely smooth dome without any hillocks. The dome rises 4-5 m over its surroundings.

The Ispanipeatland is an unexhausted source of oxygen and plays a great part in the cycle of carbon production. At the same time, it plays a significant role in regulating the regional and local climates. The Ispanipeatland protects Kobuleti from floods. Sphagnum moss absorbs water in a way similar to a cloud as it can contain much more water than its form would indicate. In 1964, while excavating a drainage canal, an ancient settlement dating back to fourth and third centuries BCE was discovered. Humans are supposed to have settledin the areabetween five and six thousand years ago.

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