Period: August

In 1978, the population of Sarpi region, on their own initiative,has retrieved a forgotten festival called Kolkhoba. It is held every year in the village of Sarpi. Kolkhoba is a new name for the ancient holiday of Lazeti region, which is related to the cult of sea. Lazeti residents used to gather on the coast and swim in the sea. According to the scientist Niko Mari, this festival, by old calendar was held in Hopa – Sarpi region on August 7.

Snce 1978, this festival has revived the former lifestyle of Lazeti residents and moments of human relations typical to the times of ancient Greece and Colchis related to the Argonauts journey to Colchis. During the celebration of Kolkhoba theater performances are followed by a variety of activities and it is considered one of the main public festivals.

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