May 6 Park

May 6 Park

In 1881, the construction of the first public garden began in Batumi under the supervision of the Prussian gardener and architect Ressler. After Ressler’s passing, D'Alphonse, a French gardener, continued the project. In 1888, the Russian emperor Alexander III visited Batumi. Fascinated by the garden, he planted several trees in the park together with his family members. In honor of his contributions, the park was named "Alexander's Garden". However, at the time, the park's name was changed periodically. Today it is called "May 6 Park". The park has several educational and recreational offerings: a dolphinarium, an aquarium and a zoological corner, as well as numerous children’s attractions. The park also has a unique sundial. Visitors can enjoy the park’s decorative stone fountainand boat tour offering.

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