Adventure tour Shuakhevi municipality

Adventure tour Shuakhevi municipality

The road

The route gives an opportunity to visit the resort Gomarduli and the most beautiful villages of mountainous Ajara- Chanchkhalo and Nigazeuli. A route starts from resort Gomarduli and heads through the village Chanchkhalo to village Nigazeuli. After small decent from the Gomarduli, at the end of village Tsintskalauri turn down to the left and after little descent reaching the village Chanchkhalo, where one can see ruins of the Chanchkhalo fortress of the middle ages (you need to walk along app. 600 meters). The route from the village goes to the north-east in the direction of the forest within the forest along the ground road which initially runs through a small inclination descents and ascents, from which with the descent of the pine forest finishes in the village Nigazeuli. Largest section of the trail overlooking the valley and visitors are impressed Adjaristskali. Tourist reaching the village can stay in guesthouses existing in the Nigazeuli or walk down to the Batumi-Akhaltsikhe highway. On the both sides of the route we meet the water, but having a small amount of water supply is desirable. The rout can be travelled with hiking and horse riding.


  • Route Start/Finish: Village Gomarduli - village Nigazeuli
  • Route Type: Hiking, Horse riding
  • Route Length: 9.8 km
  • Route Duration: 2 hours
  • Road type: Asphalted road, ground road, forest road, sledge road
  • Route Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance from Batumi: 66 km
  • Min/Max m. above sea-level: 863/120
  • Cellular network coverage: Completely

Things to see

  • The Chanckhalo fortress (XII-XII)
  • Chanchkhalo natural freezer
  • Village Gomarduli
  • Village Nigazeuli
  • Grave of Selim Khimshiashvili (XIX)
  • Nigazeuli Museum (2003)
  • Nigazeuli fortress (XIX)
  • Nigazeuli Mosque (1924)

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