Adventurous tour in the village Merisi II

Adventurous tour in the village Merisi II

The road

The route covers the village Merisi area covered by forests and聽 passing through the wooded slopes to the subalpine meadows.

A route starts from the Merisi centre and at first follows the asphalted road, after passing 1 km section, it moves to the ground road. The ground road is getting more and more difficult and creates ideal conditions for jeep tour lovers. You have to face with the difficult relief and ascents during the tour. It is noteworthy that during the route you can enjoy amazing views which meet in every corner. Our route follows the mountain slope, on the way laid among the perennial huge trees. After about 10 km travel you will get to the place where the mixed forest ends and starts subalpine field. This place is called "Mtivnari", where is located shepards鈥 houses, here is also a great places for picnic and beautiful views. This is last post for the tour, but for extreme lover drivers, in good weather conditions, it is possible to continue the way toward Shuakhevi and make the route circle and return to the starting point.


  • Route Start/Finish: Batumi - village Merisi
  • Route Type: 4X4, Vehicle
  • Route Length: 16.8 km
  • Route Duration: 4 hours
  • Road type: Asphalted road, ground road
  • Route Difficulty: Difficult
  • Distance from Batumi: 50 km
  • Min/Max m. above sea-level: 505/1566
  • Cellular network coverage: Completely

Things to see

  • The Merisi waterfall
  • Swimming place and Picnic area Gvakha
  • Picnic place in Mtivnari Summer pastures

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