Cultural Tour in the Machakhela Gorge

Cultural Tour in the Machakhela Gorge

The road

The route offers visitors to see one of the oldest and most beautiful part of Adjara region- Machakheli gorge. A touristic route starts from the Batumi - Akhaltsikhe highway and goes upward the Machakhela gorge. Starting from the confluence of the rivers Chorokhi and Machakela, it goes to the Gvara fortress, which is located very close to the rivers confluence. From the Gvara fortress the route fully follows the gorge. To the village Ajarisaghmarti, it is asphalted road, after which continues with the ground road. At the Ambrazura (Cannon place) crosses the river Squrdidi and then continues to the Machakhela gorge again. On the road we meet Tskhemlara beautiful arched bridge and following the gorge encountering the villages Kveda and Zeda Chkhutuneti. Here there awaites for the visitors amazing, not very high waterfall and Machakhela ethnographic museum. It is noteworthy that there are many interesting exhibits in the museum, which were characteristic for the local peoples life. From the Machakhela museum the route continues to the direction of the Chkheri bridge and waterfall. This section of the route goes along the narrow road across the steep slope of the gorge. During our way there can be seen impressive panoramic views over the Machakhela gorge. From the Chkheri bridge our route goes down the bottom of the gorge and passing through the Chkhutuneti fortress ruins ends at the Qoqoleti arched bridge.There are several guesthouses and catering facilities in the gorge, where if visitor wishes, one can spent the night, and have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine.



  • Route Start/Finish: Batumi - village Zeda Chkhutuneti
  • Route Type: Vehicle
  • Route Length: 25 km
  • Route Duration: 1 Day
  • Road type: Asphalted road, ground road
  • Route Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance from Batumi: 21 km
  • Min/Max m. above sea-level: 26/522
  • Cellular network coverage: Completely


Things to see

  • The Machakhela gorge historical museum (1984)
  • The Tskhemlara bridge (Late middle age)
  • The Qoqoleti arched bridge (XVIII)
  • The Chkhutuneti/Kalivake fortress (XI-XII)
  • Gvara fortress (VI)
  • The gun monument (2007)
  • The Chkheri bridge (IX-X)
  • The Chkheri waterfall
  • Kveda Chkhutuneti waterfall
  • Ambrazura (Cannon place) (1937)

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