Khikhani tourism route

Khikhani tourism route

Khikhani or Khikhati fortress church is one of the most important monuments of Ajara. it used to be the most reliable and safe shelter or dwelling. According to Abuseridze a church of St. George was constructed in 1230, and then the fortress around it was built. Khikhani is unscalable from three sides. It’s still difficult to climb the fortress which makes it more interesting and attractive for visitors. Historical fortress of Khikhani is nearby the boarder of the neighboring country. Fortress complex is situated at the top of High Mountain, at the section of at about 400 m length 

How to reach

1. From Batumi bus station – Mayakovsky Str. N 1. Every day mini buses are leaving towards Khikhadziri at 09:00. Travel cost – 8 GEL.

2. You can rent taxi from Khulo, price from 70 up to 150 GEL.

Route description

Distance: from Batumi - 140 km

Daba Khulo - 60 km

Zamleti - 50 km

Pedestrian path to Khikhani fortress is 3 km, path of moderate difficulty at the altitude: 2635 m

Location: high mountainous Ajara, Khulo, village Khikhadziri (Zeda Tkhilvana)

Sites for camping and picnic: a territory in the vicinity of Khilhadziri

Accommodation: guest houses -15-35 GEL, village Kikhadziri 50 km


Dariko Abashidze – 591 71 40 15, accommodation 20 GEL, with meals – 35 GEL

Tina Gabaidze – 598 09 68 47, accommodation and half board – 25 GEL. She has got a vehicle and can serve tourists at the territory nearby Khikhadziri – price 40 GEL

Guliko Khalvashi – 599 79 44 27, accommodation 15 GEL, with meals – 30 GEL

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