Khulo Cultural Route

Khulo Cultural Route

The road

The route begins in small town  Khulo, from where it goes in the direction of Batumi by Batumi-Akhaltsikhe highway till Furtio arch bridge for 8.3 km. From there the road furthers up by the automobile bridge, turns to the south and enters into the Skhaltistskali Valley. In 10 km we come to Skhalta Monastery located at the terrace of mountain slope and represents the only specimen of medieval spiritual architecture and wall painting in Khulo Municipality. After Skhalta Monastery the route follows Skhaltistskali Valley for 17.3 km till Vardtsikhe turn; Bakibako Village is in 4.6 km from here. From Bakibako we can choose several directions:

  1. To Khikhiani Fortress located at the cradle of Skhaltistskali River, at 2220 m above the sea level. For 2.2 km you can take the off-road vehicle, while the last 900 m you'll have to walk. There is a well cut path on the steep, forest-covered slope and requires good physical shape. The Fortress was built in XII-XIII AD; it covers are of 1 ha and is adorned by the four towers.
  2. Bakibako-Mtisubani ring; it starts in Bakibako Village and the very first sight we come to is the place where Selim Khimshiashvili was decapitated; after this we follow the road to the south till Chirukhi turn (2.5 km). From there we can get to Chirukhi Village either by horse or by off-road vehicle (16 km). From Chirukhi Turn we cross the river (to the north-west) and follow the road to Mtisubani Village. In the surroundings of Mtisubani Village we you can visit the grave of SelimKhimshiashvili and natural ice-box.



  • Route Start/Finish: Small Town Khulo/Khikhani Fortress
  • Route Length: 52.5 km
  • Route Duration: 2 Days
  • Route Type: 4X4/Walking
  • Route Difficulty: Difficult
  • Route Seasonal Prevalance: not recommended in deep snow conditions
  • Min/Max m. above sea-level: 512/2220
  • Distance from Batumi: 87 km
  • Cellular network coverage: Completely


Things to see

  • Tago cable railway (1985)
  • Khulo Museum (1983)
  • Skhalta Monastery (XIII)
  • Village Bakibako
  • Sherip Khimshiashvili Museum (XIX)
  • Vardtsikhe (XI-XII)
  • Khikhani Fortress (XII-XIII)

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