Khulo Tourist Route I

Khulo Tourist Route I

The road

The tour begins in small town Khulo by visit to Ethnographical Museum.  From Khulo we can choose out of three options:

  1. Small town Khulo-Tago cable way, which brings us to Tago Village in 8 minutes. The 6 km road to this village is strongly damaged and the cable way has extremely important meaning. The cable is 1700 m. long, ascending for 350 m. Riding by this cable way is interesting adventure, full of the impressions and fascinating views.
  2. Small town Khulo-Uchkho Bridge. The route goes to the north, towards the Okruashvilebi Village by the medium quality country road in the middle of the forest. After Okruashvilebi we get to the Duadzeebi Village. The road is mainly going by the slope and little by little descends to the gorge. The Arch-shaped Uchkho Bridge connects two parts of Uchkho Village with each other. The bridge is newly rehabilitated and is suitable only for walking.
  3. Small town Khulo-Kedlebi. This route also leads to the north. After riding 1.3 km we come to the crossroad, one way, from where, heading toward Uchhko and the other towards Kedlebi Village. Bridge, and the other - towards Kedlebi Village. The distance from the crotch to the Kedlebi Skiing Base is 3.8 km and there is the concrete automobile road. Kedlebi Village bears the typical beauty of Acharian villages and is surrounded by the mixed forests. From the Skiing Base the route follows by the village street, which turns into the path; in approximately 400 m. we come to the crossroads, from which we go up towards the forest-covered Slope; in approximately 1 km we will reach Waterfall, which is fed by the springs flowing from Karata Mountain.



  • Route Start/Finish: Small Town Khulo/Kedlebi
  • Route Length: 11.5 km
  • Route Duration: Half Day
  • Route Type: Car/Walking
  • Route Difficulty: Easy
  • Route Seasonal Prevalance: recommended throughout the whole year
  • Min/Max m. above sea-level: 883/1592
  • Distance from Batumi: 87 km
  • Cellular network coverage: Completely


Things to see

  • Tago cable railway (1985)
  • Khulo Museum (1983)
  • Village Kedlebi
  • Uchkho Bridge (XI-XIII)

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