Khulo Tourist Route II

Khulo Tourist Route II

The road

The route begins in small town Khulo, continues to the east till Danisparauli Village and follows Batumi-Akhaltsikhe Highway for 22 km. From Danisparauli Village we continue towards the Goderdzi Resort by the same road (2.5 km). Goderdzi Resort is the modern downhill skiing destination established in 2012. Currently it is not functioning at the full capacity. In winter, two cable ways are working. They bring us to the height of 2330 m. By Batumi-Akhaltsikhe road we get to Goderdzi Pass (5.7 km). Goderdzi Pass is the key point of this route. From here you can continue your journey in three directions:

  • Goderdzi Pass-Mtsvane Lake - The route takes to the north and follows the boundary between alpine meadows and forest cover. It can be passed by the off-road vehicle. The main adornment of this route is temporary Ajarian summer stations and fascinating views. In 6 km we come to the crotch. Turning right from there we can reach the Green Lake by walking path. We also can reach the Green Lake if we follow the automobile road. We can also continue to the north from the Green Lake and return to Danisparauli Village via Didachara. The route can be passed by both, mountain bike and horse.
  • Goderdzi Pass-Beshumi Resort - For 6.5 km we can follow the automobile road. After we pass the summer station Shkernali, we come to the picnic place, where Shuamtoba Fest takes place every first Sunday of August. From here the route brings us to Beshumi resort located at the altitude of 1850-1900 m; it starts functioning in mid-June and season lasts till the beginning of September. Here are the lots of cottages and villas. From Beshumi resort you can take the horse-riding and off-road vehicle tours to Bakibako Village (12 km) and Khikhani Fortress (13 km).
  • Goderdzi Pass-Upper Station of Cable Way - Distance is 4.1 km. The route goes through the zone of alpine meadows and from its final point (the adjacent area of upper station of the cable way) opens the fascinating panoramic view. From here you can continue your route to Tkhilvani and Bakibako Villages (13.6 km).



  • Route Start/Finish: Small Town Khulo/Khikhani Fortress
  • Route Length: 49.5 km
  • Route Duration: 2 Days
  • Route Type: 4X4, Bike, Horse, Walking
  • Route Difficulty: Medium
  • Route Seasonal Prevalance: Summer
  • Min/Max m. above sea-level: 716/2351
  • Distance from Batumi: 87 km
  • Cellular network coverage: Completely


Things to see

  • Tago cable railway (1985)
  • Khulo Museum (1983)
  • Goderdzi Resort
  • MtsvaneTba (Green Lake)
  • Beshumi Resort

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