Shuakhevi Tourist  Route

Shuakhevi Tourist Route

The road

The route begins at small town Shuakhevi, at the automobile bridge, by which we cross Ajaristskali and enter the Chirukhistskali River Valley. The type of the road is the dirt road, which is in a very good condition. in approximately 1.5 km we will see the bridge and Okropilauri Fortress sign. The Fortress is located on the elevation at junction of two rivers - Chirukhistskali and Tbeti. It is easily observable. It was also called Uchamba Fortress, and currently only two walls and part of the tower are still standing. From the bridge we continue by the automobile road to the south and in 12 km we come across with the Oladauri Church of Peritsvaleba which has been built at the place of the old church built in 2000s AD and is active.  Then automobile road leads to Iakobauri Village via villages Paposhvilebi and Makhalakidzeebi. From Iakobauri Village we can get to Darchidzes’ Fortress by two routes: one still follows the automobile road in the direction of Chirukhistskali. In 3.2 km we turn to Darchidzes’ Fortress and reach it in approximately 1 km. the second route goes by road to Darchidzeebi Village, which can be passed by the off-road vehicle. This road is distinguished by the fascinating views and allows observing the beauties of Darchidzeebi Village. Darchidzes’ Fortress is damaged, but although its shape can still be seen, because it is located on the top of the rock and repeats its shape configuration. The spot opens fascinating views over Chirukhistskali Valley. From the Fortress we return to the automobile road and again follow Chirukhistskali Valley. In 3.9 km we come to the spring with drinking water. After this spring the road cover worsens and is not fit for the low cross-country ability vehicles. After passing 6.7 km, we finish the route at temporary summer stations, from which we can enjoy the beauty of alpine meadows and wooden summer houses spread over them. From Chirukhi the road goes to Bakibako of Khulo Municipality, but it is accessible only for off-roads and horse tours (18 km).



  • Route Start/Finish: Small Town Shuakhevi/Chirukhi
  • Route Length: 45.1 km
  • Route Duration: One Day
  • Route Type: Car/Walking
  • Route Difficulty: Easy
  • Route Seasonal Prevalance: not recommended in winter
  • Min/Max m. above sea-level: 381/2148
  • Distance from Batumi: 64.4 km
  • Cellular network coverage: Completely


Things to see

  • Okropilauri Fortress (XI-XII)
  • Oladauri Church of Peristsvaleba
  • Darchidzeebi Fortress (XII-XIII)
  • Chirukhi summer dwellings

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