Beyond the Happy End

Beyond the Happy End

25 July 2017

Originally staged at Guest Projects, London in 2010, Happy End takes its starting point from a semi-biographical and semi-fictional story about the shared life of London-based artists, Andro Semeiko and Yu-Chen Wang. The story narrates a journey to find never-ending happiness, which has evolved in 2016 through reenactments at Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester.

In Summer 2017, the artists will continue this story through the exhibition Beyond Happy End in Batumi, which both artists consider as a place close to home – Andro was born and brought up in neighboring Guria while Batumi’s subtropical nature resembles the landscape of Yu-Chen’s native Taiwan.

Drawing upon Andro and Yu-Chen’s collective experience and cultural backgrounds, the artists will transmit fascinating crossovers between Georgia and Taiwan into a multilayered mise-en-scène.

Through presenting an extensive selection of texts, drawings, paintings, film and archival documentations, they continue to pursue their utopian dreams of the future. The artists will create live acts inspired by Georgian Supra and Taiwanese Banquet, involving fusion food, tea ceremonies and the art of toasting, with the participation of the local cultural practitioners and the general public.

The exhibition will last until August 18.
Free Admission.
Z. Gamsakhurdia st. 1/5, Batumi, Georgia
Contemporary Art Space

Andro Semeiko
Yu-Chen Wang

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