Goran Bregović will give a performance at Black Sea Arena

Goran Bregović will give a performance at Black Sea Arena

2 June 2017

Popular musician and composer Goran Bregović will perform a concert in Georgia. In East-European countries Bregović is known as a member of a rock-band Bijelo Dugme, but he is famous internationally due to his work as a composer of Emir Kusturica films’ music. The concert will take place on August 26 at Shekvetili on the Black Sea Arena stage.
Tickets for Bregović concert are already on sale. They are available online from 25 to 130 GEL.

Goran Bregović is a native of Sarajevo. The musician achieved international fame after he started to write music for films, and soundtracks for Emir Kusturica's “Time of the Gypsies”, “Arizona Dream” (featuring Iggy Pop) and “Underground” turned out to be his greatest success.

His next major project, music for Patrice Chéreau's “Queen Margot “ was a great success as well, the film won two awards on the Cannes Film Festival.
Bregović performs his tour concerts with musical band “Wedding and Funeral Orchestra” playing movie soundtracks.
It is not the first concert of Bregović in Georgia. Famous musician previously performed on Georgian stage in 2007 and 2012.

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