Location: 485 km to the east of Batumi

Kakheti is another one of Georgia’s many gems, offering the spectacular pairing of the Caucasus Mountains and pristine valleys.

Kakheti is home to the Georgian architectural masterpieces Alaverdi temple; the monasteries of Ikalto, Shuamta, Bodbe and Davit Gareja; the Palace of King Erekle; and the beautiful Chateau Chavchavadze, which is set within a range of colorful natural landscape.

Kakheti is also one of Georgia’s renowned winemaking regions. It’s famous wines have gained notoriety across the globe.

There are many remarkable and beautiful places in Kakheti - Signaghi being one of them. An ancient fortress, Signaghi is surrounded by a massive stone wall, overlooking the picturesque Alazani Valley.

Kvareli and Lopota Lake resorts are excellent destinations for those looking to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These peaceful lake resorts offer full hotel services and a range of activities, including bike rides, billiards, lake paddle boats, etc. Telavi, a nearby town, was once the residence of the King of Kakheti. There are several historical sites in and around the village.

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