Location: 140 km to the north-east of Batumi

Kutaisi is Georgia’s oldest capital city. Several ancient Greek sources acknowledge the city as the capital of Kolkheti and residence of mythological King Aeetes. According to legend, Jason and his Argonauts entered Kolkheti through the Pazisi River on their quest to acquire the Golden Fleece.

Kutaisi is a colorful and poetic town - its architecture, famous bridge and old districts make the city a highly attractive and unique place. Historically, Kutaisi was a major religious and educational center in Georgia. The Academy of Gelati Monastery was very popular among both ancient Greek and Georgian nobles.

Kutaisi’s most important landmarks are Bagrati Temple and Gelati Monastery. The latter is on UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage sites.

The city of Kutaisi is also home to several synagogues, the largest of which was built in 1886. Despite being a primarily Christian country, Georgia has had a long-lasting relationship with the Jewish people - a friendship that started 26 centuries ago.

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