Enver Tsetskhladze's house

Enver Tsetskhladze's house

Category: Rural houses

Price: 40 Gel/1 person

Accommodation: This guesthouse can accommodate 10 visitors simultaneously

The best time to visit: July-September

Services/Activities: FB/Three meals, bird watching. walking tour around the village, visits to the local natural and cultural monuments, tasting traditional Georgian cuisine, local fruits, vegetables, milk products, wine and Chacha (Georgian vodka/grappa).

Agro-tour - demonstration of village life in Ajara, traditional farming practices: production of dairy, land processing, animal breeding, product storage, etc. Preparing of take-away lunches  for birdwatchers.

There is a special birdwatching platform/ground in Chaisubani Village (Shuamta) from which the migratory birds can be observed and studied.

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