Gela Kontselidze's house

Gela Kontselidze's house

Category: Rural houses


Accommodation: This guesthouse can accommodate 6 visitors simultaneously

The best time to visit: July-September

Activities/services: Horse-riding tours in surroundings of village "Chakvistavi", walking tour around the village, visiting local natural and cultural monuments, tasting traditional Georgian cuisine, agro-tour - getting acquainted with village life in Ajara and traditional farming practices: production of dairy, agriculture, animal breeding, product storage, etc.

Additional activities: Tourists interested in the natural monuments can visit the nearby Mtirala National Park. Tourist paths following the left bank of Chakvistavi River give the chance to see the red-listed plants (Georgian walnut, Colchian hazelnut), observe marten, fox, mountain eagle, hawk, footprints of brown bear. Picnic site is arranged on the territory of the park 2 km away from the visitor's centre. Moreover, just in 400 meters from the picnic site tourists can visit a 12-meter waterfall. In addition, 1 km away from the mentioned waterfall a clear river flows finally transforming into the lake full of trout. Camping and picnicking is also available near the lake.

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