Category: Rural houses


Accommodation: This guesthouse can accommodate 6 visitors simultaneously

The best time to visit: July-September

Activities/services: Horse-riding tours insurroundings of village "Nigazeuli", walking tour around the village, visiting local natural and cultural monuments, tasting traditional Georgian cuisine,  agro-tour - getting acquainted with typical Ajarian village life and traditional farming practices: production of dairy, agriculture, cattle breeding, product storage, etc.

Additional activities: Tourists can visit Nigazeuli fortress and a defensive wall that was protecting the village from invaders centuries ago. The walls are still preserved. The fortress was built by Selim Khimshiashvili and in the 19th c. it was functioning as a solid fortification for the village. Visitors might also be also interested in Selim Khimshiashvili Museum located in the village "Nigazeuli" on the territory of Nigazeuli fortress and a defensive wall. The museum was established in 2003 and exhibits photo material, domestic appliances, weapons, publications, materials depicting merit of representatives of Khimshiashvili surname and giving interesting information about Ajara and Georgia.

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