Kintrishi protected areas

Kintrishi protected areas

Category: Camping

Overnight in tourist shelter: 15 Gel/Per person/Per day

Camp site: 5 Gel/Per person/Per day (Here are also the free camping places for tents)

Picnic spot: 15 Gel/Per day

Tent/camping mat: 10 Gel/Per day

Sleeping bag: 5 Gel/Per day

Backpack: 5 Gel/Per day

Horse service: 35 Gel/Per day

The Department publishes the information on the web site provided by the third party. Therefore, the given prices, rates and additional information must be verified with the information provider.



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  • Mob.: (+995): 577 59 21 12
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Mini Bus #123 "Batumi-Kobuleti" leaves from funicular station area (crossing of Gogebashvili and Chavchavadze str.) and from nearby territory of Batumi Catholic Church (Baku and Shavsheti str. Crossing) in every 30 minutes (Price - 1,50 Gel). From Kobuleti center you can take a taxi. Recommendations while traveling - Due to the conditions on road it is recommended to take a Jeep.

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