Malkhaz Salvaridze's house

Malkhaz Salvaridze's house

Category: Rural houses


Accommodation: This guesthouse can accommodate 8 visitors simultaneously

The best time to visit: July-September

Activities/services: Horse-riding tours in surroundings of village "Tskhemlara", walking tour around the village, visiting local natural and cultural monuments, tasting traditional Georgian cuisine, agro-tour - getting acquainted with village life in Ajara and traditional farming practices: production of dairy, agriculture, animal breeding, product storage, etc.

Additional activities: Tourists can visit nearby historicalcultural monument: Tskhemlara arch stone bridge located on the river Machakhela, 7-8 km far from the village Ajaristskali. Before constructing a new motor way local inhabitants were using Tskhemlara Bridge. Another historical monument: Chkhutuneti (Kalivaki) fortress is also located near village Tskhemlara. The fortress is constructed on a high hill at the confluence of Machakhlistskali and Daviteti stream. The fortress is both dated with 11-13th cc.  Tourists can also visit Chkhutuneti (Matchakhela) historical-ethnographic museum located in a 3-storey building of a former mosque counting 2 centuries.

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