Mtirala national park

Mtirala national park

Category: Camping

Guest room in visitors center: 30-50 Gel/Per day


Overnight in tourist shelter: 15 Gel/Per person/Per day


Camp site: 5 Gel/Per person/Per day (Here are also the free camping places for tents)


Picnic spot: 10 Gel for 5 persons; 15 Gel for 10 persons


Tent: 10 Gel/Per day


Sleeping bag: 5 Gel/Per day


Backpack: 5 Gel/Per day


Quadrocycle: 70 Gel/1 hour

The Department publishes the information on the web site provided by the third party. Therefore, the given prices, rates and additional information must be verified with the information provider.


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  • Mob.: (+995): 577 10 18 89
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Mini Bus "Batumi-Chakvistavi" leaves from Batumi bus station on Mondays and on Friday at 16:00 (Price 3 Gel). It is also possible to take a mini bus "Batumi-Kobuleti" or "Batumi-Chakvi" to the center of Chakvi, then you can take a taxi (Average price 40-50 Gel). Mini bus "Batumi-Kobuleti" and "Batumi-Chakvi" leaves from Batumi Catholics Church (from Baku and Shavsheti str. Cross) every day, in every 30 minutes (Price - 1 Gel). Recommendations while traveling - due to the conditions on road it is recommended to take a Jeep.

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