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Visa Regime

Visa Regime

Citizens of the European Union and Eastern Europe as well as USA, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, the Baltic States, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and many other countries are now able to enter and stay in Georgia for a year visa-free.

Citizens of European Union member states may enter Georgia with a travel document as well as with an ID card that is issued by an EU member state and contains the person’s name, surname, date of birth and a photo.

In addition, entering Georgia and staying for 1 year visa-free is also possible for citizens who hold a United Nations (UN) Laissez-Passer, a travel document issued by the UN or its specialized agencies.

To enter in Georgia it is necessary to have a passport, valid for at least 6 months from the date of entering the country. Citizens of other states need to arrange visa before travelling to Georgia. In some cases, visa can be issued at land border crossings or international airports upon arrival.

Georgia’s electronic e-Visa portal went online in 2015. This system enables foreigners coming to Georgia as tourists or for business to obtain an e-Visa without having to apply to Georgia's consular offices abroad.

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  Azerbaijan - 62 Parnavaz Mepe street; t.: 0 422 27 67 00

  Estonia - 60 Gorgasali street; t.: 0 422 27 09 10

  Turkey - 9 Ninoshvili street; t.: 0 422 25 58 00

  Iran - 83 Parnavaz Mepe street; t.: 0 422 22 86 01, 0 422 22 86 02

  Armenia - 32 Gogebashvili street; t.: 0 422 21 63 02