Location: 465 km to the north-east of Batumi

The quintessential beauty of Georgia's highlands is captured in Kazbegi. Its high mountains have been part of various myths and legends. The most famous legend is that of Prometheus. As punishment for the theft of fire, the rebellious Titan was chained to Mt. Kazbegi's icy slopes, where he was viciously attacked by an eagle every day until rescued from his suffering by Hercules.
Kazbegi has a national park with spectacular mountains and landscapes. The park also has mineral lakes that are scattered throughout the area. The mountain's steep slopes are also very popular among mountain climbers and alpinists.

Kazbegi has remarkable churches and monasteries. Nestled on the mountain, Gergeti Trinity Church is a truly spiritual place with an awe-inspiring view. There are also several cave churches in Kazbegi. One of them, Bettelheim, still performs liturgy services.
The serene beauty of Mt. Kazbegi and the warm hearts of its people make it an excellent and unforgettable getaway.