Location: 261 km to the north of Batumi

Svaneti is one of the few places in the world where nature and humanity are truly harmonized with each other.
Within the region, the small, picturesque village of Ushguli is Europe's most populated location at a high elevation. The village is also recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site. At one point, Ushguli was the center of Svaneti.

Besides the beautiful nature that envelopes Ushguli, there are also the ruins of Queen Tamar's Fortress. Lashari Monastery and many other historical sites, accompanied by the astounding natural beauty, give Svaneti a magical and romantic charm. Several medieval towers and churches protected the masterpieces of Svaneti's vast treasures. The Ushguli Open-Air Museum has been declared a preserved area by the Georgian government.
Svaneti is gradually becoming more popular as a winter resort destination; however, visitors are welcome to bask in Svaneti's beauty 365 days a year.