Prolonged Season

Prolonged Season

The main city of Adjara - Batumi was declared the best tourist destination by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences; In rankings of “FORBES”, Batumi was given a place amongst top five ‘velvet season’ recreational resorts. This white beauty of the Black Sea has outperformed Italian, Portuguese, Greek and Spanish holiday destinations. The “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER” Magazine has named Batumi in its list of “Top 10 Places for weekend in Europe” among Amsterdam, Palermo, Belgrade and Nice and The tourism portal “MOMONDO” has named Batumi as “The best budget holiday destinations of 2019”.

In order to boost tourism industry, numerous projects are being implemented in Georgia. These projects include various public events and international festivals that mainly take place in Adjara, and mostly in Batumi. These occasions attract both locals and foreign visitors of all ages, tastes and interests. In parallel to local musicians and performers, Batumi hosts international bands more and more often.

Adjara gives an opportunity to evidence the history of the region and whole country at Gonio-Apsaros fortress-museum, Petra and Khikhani fortresses, stone arched bridges and religious monuments spread around the region. There are numerous places for rendezvous like Batumi colonnades in Batumi Boulevard, Alphabet Tower close to the Batumi Lighthouse, Europe Square and nearby Astronomical Clock, Piazza with the Boy with the flute or the statues of Medea and Ali and Nino. The tangible beauty of the region represented by Kintrishi and Kobuleti protected areas, Mtirala and Machakhela National parks, Batumi Botanical Garden and Goderdzi Alpine Botanical Gardens and the Green lake are the places eco tourists can visit all year round.

Batumi is an attractive destination not only during the summer season but also in spring and autumn. Visitors can sunbathe or swim as early as the beginning of May at Sarpi, Gonio, Kvariati, Batumi, Makhinjauri, Tsikhisdziri, Mtsvane Kontskhi and Kobuleti beaches. The sea becomes even more pleasant during September and October, given Batumi's long Indian summers. The combination of hospitable people and the charming environment is a perfect background for rural tourism in Adjara. From myriad opportunities that Adjarian villages offer, guests may choose to incorporate leisure in nature, with livestock and poultry farming, gardening, winemaking, beekeeping and many other activities. Here you can learn about the local culture, and ethnographic characteristics, try your hand at carpentry or masonry, make musical and work tools, pick your skills in sewing and embroidery. Bicycle tours, rock climbing, hunting, and fishing are popular here too, as well as sightseeing of numerous local attractions in Adjara.

Winters are warm in Batumi. The visitors can trek to the amazing mountainous regions of Adjara. Just a few hours away from the seaside, one can enjoy the spectacular views from the mountains of Adjara at an elevation of 2000-2500 m above sea level. In the highlands of Adjara construction of ski resorts are undergoing intensively. They are not only suitable for winter sports aficionados but offer healthcare and recreational conditions on all seasons of the year. Ski resort “Goderdzi”, located 2350m above sea level, has already been opened, receiving over 20 000 guests per year. Soon the resort will accommodate 7000 skiers, allowing services at comfortable winter cottages, and hotels. Other mountain resorts such as Gomarduli, Qedlebi, and Beshumi will provide cordial hospitality to their guests as well.

For food connoisseurs who are always ready to try something new, Adjara is a place to discover. What you will find here is authentic cuisine with traditional dishes that are usually cooked with organic products. The most prominent of all – Adjarian Khachapuri is a boat of bread with cheese, butter and eggs. Many other local dishes in Adjara guarantee that the time you spend on Supra will turn into the celebration. To many, Adjara is interesting for wine tourism opportunities. This

hospitable part of Georgia is visited by many for wine tasting. Wine-making and viticulture have the 8000-year history in Georgia. UNESCO declared Georgian tradition of wine distillation in Qvevri (a special clay vessel) as a monument of intangible cultural heritage. In western Georgia, Adjara is one of the oldest wine-making sites. The craft is particularly well developed in Qeda municipality which boasts its unique types of wine such as ‘Qeda Tsolikauri’, and ‘Chkhaveri’. These wine sorts are made so that you could drink special toasts with them.

In Adjara, tourists thoroughly enjoy the unique combination of the region’s mountains and sea, as well as its beautiful landscapes, calming environment.