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Batumi - Safest Destination in Europe

Batumi - Safest Destination in Europe

Europe's most visited travel website European Best named Batumi and Tbilisi among the safest tourist destinations in Europe.

The popular travel platform in its recent article emphasizes Georgia's achievements in relation to Covid 19, and names Tbilisi and Batumi among the top 10 safest cities.

"Batumi is an extraordinary destination that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. It’s impossible to get bored in Batumi which combines beach, relaxation, wellness, sustainable tourism, nature, trekking, leisure, shopping, culture, gastronomy, wine tourism and unique attractions for children and grown-ups.

Batumi is a safe haven in Europe not only in terms of coronavirus, but also in terms of low crime rates.  Compared to the European capitals, the crime rate here is 5 times lower.

Batumi is a splendid mix of beautiful scenery, vibrant culture and legendary hospitality. It is the main city of Adjara and second largest city of Georgia. This beautiful city invites you to experience the contrast of historic ancient sites as well as modern lifestyle. 

Adjara region has breathtaking full of diversity: the sea and high mountains, sightseeing of cultural monuments, monasteries, arch bridges, beautiful lakes and authentic villages. Here, you will taste different flavours of wine and undiscovered cuisine, feel the power of ecotourism, become a family member of open-hearted hosts. Their mountains, that stand close to the sky will make you feel in harmony with nature. Check-in at the "Pearl of the Black Sea - the easternmost point of Europe" the article reads.

 The 20 safest travel destinations for European Best Destinations are: Corfu, Zagreb, Warsaw, Vienna, Vilnius, Gdansk, Riga, etc.

European Best Destinations is a leading independent organization in Europe, which was established in Europe to promote culture and tourism.  The main portal of the organization is European Best, which is the most frequently visited tourist website in Europe and provides travelers with information on different tourist destinations.